Sunday, March 10, 2024

DIY Cat Grass

Alvin, my almost 2-year-old rescue cat, has a liking for tasting my plants. Though she's off limits to the balcony garden (she once almost gave me a heart attack for jumping on the ledge; good thing she jumped back the right way instead of 30 floors down), she may at time, bite into my aroids. I know they're potential p9isons but after repeated conditioning, she has learned to steer clear of my indoor plants. I once gave her a pot of cat grass, which, at P200 is expensive. I've grown millet seedlings before from feeding the sparrows on my old ledge garden so I know it's feasible to grow my own.

Just take some bird seeds, the usual ones fed to cockatoos, and some clean soil. If you ant to be extra careful in not passing on any pathogens living in the soil, either use soil that's been treated with sufficient heat or use coconut coir instead. 

It takes a week or two to germinate to sufficient size but you can save a lot, especially since the usual cat grass is good only for a week or so (sooner if your cat takes a liking to the grass and consumes a lot in one nibbling session).


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