Monday, June 17, 2024

Phantom Paws and Feeding my Foster Strays

Mama Tortie
Lately, I've been experiencing incidents when paws would seem to gently scratch at my back to call my attention when I'm working on my desktop. I would always assume it's Alvin, my rescue cat, trying to wean me away from the computer. Time and again, I would turn around and see Alvin, peacefully sleeping in one of his napping spots away from where I sit.

Mama Cali

I smile and acknowledge these. I have yet to know or see who's trying to get my attention (I've had a lot of foster strays I've lost in the past 3-4 years) but I have my suspicions. It's a bittersweet feeling -- to know that they're still here (plural because I know they take turns visiting me) and at the same time, I can't pet them, hug them physically.

Back to the land of the physical plane, I feed some of the foster strays when I have some money. Foremost of these are two Mama Cats, Mama Tortie and Mama Calico. At times, I pass by the COSY office space for lease along Buendia and I call out to sleeping cats I chance upon there and feed them. I wish I can do more. 

However, my current job is admittedly not enough (we get pay cuts on Philippine holidays, whether it's Christmas, New Year's Day, Easter, Good Friday, from employers who purport to be be Christians, go figure). I send out my intention to the Universe that I can find the means and wherewithal to feed my fosters, adopt a lot of them, too. I also send out to the Universe my intention to find great fortune so I can work when I want to and work only for myself. I'm done working for someone else.

The COSY cats

In any case, if you read this and you happen to pass by this place near South Superhighway overpass and PNR Gil Puyat Station, please have the heart to bring something for the cats. Specially when it's rainy and when there are work holidays, they go hungry and will appreciate the food and the love. Bless your kind heart, friend!


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