Tuesday, January 20, 2004

My aching back

Back hurts for almost a week now. Missed badminton. Missed the gym.M issed the simple pleasures of life. Like just walking around. Funny how you can miss such simple, seemingly inane things you take for granted.

While I hope and pray my back is not the problem I think it could be, I am looking for things to do to replace the vacuum created by the inactivity. Like writing reviews again. LOTR is wonderful, maybe I should find the time to look for the superlatives to describe how Peter Jackson translated an awesome tale to the big screen three times in a row. Or write glowingly about the Cinema [aradiso 2002 release I watched months back. Or listen to my CD library gathering more and more dust with each day.

Well, I can look at things as opportunities lost or gained. A big part of me am scared I can end up being depressed without the benefit of the happy hormones released by exercise. Am also afraid I may get worse before I get better as a badminton player. Well, let's see about that.


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