Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Being sedentary

I read somewhere that the biggest enemy of one's body is inactivity. I think that's 89 year old Jack Lalanne quoted somewhere. and in no way am I feeling and understanding this more than now. Nevertheless, I thank the good Lord above that my back problem isn't the serious problem thought it was. Now, my concern is how to find a channel for all these energies. As a part-time certified physical fitness trainer, it's pretty hard to keep still. I believe (and still believe) that everyday is an opportunity to keep moving.

I guess it's also a blessing since this tests my creativity to find new ways to burn calories and keep my sanity as well. It brings me a new understanding of how disabilities, whether big or small, ignored or hidden, can lead to new problems like obesity (it's so easy to channel one's frustration to eating), alcoholism or drugs (alcohol or substances), etc., etc. Unwittingly, this pain is giving me new insights on how traditional exercises and activities can in fact, be hindrances for other people who have mobility/movement problems. A-ha! Eureka! It's a little-known, little-explored field in fitness. Hmm, something I can make kwento to Ma'am Tina Juan when I get completely recovered.

Looks like
I'm gonna miss Gold's Gym and Badminton Central for while. On a deeper level, I miss my friends over there. But it's pretty hard for me to come to the gym or the courts and just watch people working out and playing.  On another level, the competitive side of me is apprehensive watching from the sidelines -- naku, baka hindi nako marunong maglaro when I can play again. Or naku, ang sarap kumain, siguradong tataba ako nito. But then again, I should heed what my body is telling me. And right now, it's rest, recover and heal. Not overeat and sit on my butt the whole day.

Let me end this blog by quoting my friend Angel: "Just remember that what the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly." Call it serendipity but she texted me this at the time this back pain peaked. Guess there's really a time for everything and everything happens in its own time.


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