Friday, January 23, 2004

No bill

Hey, dunno about other people but I just can't really dig the blood, the gore, the overwhelming violence of the movie Kill Bill. Alright, it's Tarantino's fourth film and it's meant to be taken as funny. But since when has violence been funny? After watching Uma Thurman tell Viveca Fox's daughter she'd wait for her revenge (when the girl grows up and decides to avenge Fox's death), I decided to press the eject button on the DVD player. On second thought, I decided it might be premature to judge it and went on to watch for like 15 minutes more. And scanned for other chapters. More gore. And we say art imitates life? Then we wonder what's wrong with the world today? C'mon, critics vilify Mel Gibson for attempting to do a movie on Christ. Critics praise Tarantino for making gore and violence funny.

I had my fill of violent movies. for a time, Arnold's movies were not much different from Freddie Krueger's in terms of kill rates. But portraying women in this light is something else. Not that I'm a fan of Uma.  But something should be said of elevating violence to a humorous art form. Kinda sickening.

Contrast this with the many redeeming qualities of the last installment of Lord of the Rings. I can't say enough good things about Peter Jackson's masterpiece. Breathtaking in scope, high in substance. While very much entertaining, it conveyed the values of persistence, friendship, tenacity, faith. I can go on and on praising this obra. But the sad thing is that some people still saw a lot of things wrong with it. One hard thing about delivering a moral message is oftentimes you can be criticized, even vilified, for it. Sabagay, I remember Mother Teresa saying it's never between you and the world anyway, it's between you and God naman. Oo nga naman.

Art imitates life? Seems to me it can be the other way around. Whether we'd like to admit it or not, the reel world of entertainment blurs and blends into our real world. It unconsciously spills its many messages into our eagerly-awaiting brains. If there's any doubt about this, consider this: how on earth can our countrymen even think of electing another actor to the presidency. I'm not about to question his qualifications but if we're going to pretend that running this country is like preparing for a movie shoot, boy, we shouldn't be expecting a blockbuster any time soon.


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