Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Working back to my old self

Am happy to be back working out. an injury can be such a pain not just physically but also spiritually. But it's such a blessing to be back in harness.

The temporary respite gave me time to go over other things like attend to friends
I may have neglected because of my perennially busy sked. I also went back to reading my trainer's manual among other things. I plan to take the ACE exams this May for my continuing education credits though I have to raise the money. was in the gym the other night and saw Ionah with Christian, my boss's trainer. Didn't know she's AFAA-certified pala. Sabi niya nga, if it's your passion, you have to sacrifice for it. So I think, I should make up my mind and pursue my 2nd ACE certification.

Being an athlete-at-heart made me realize that even in this new millennium, ang dami pa ring misconceptions about exercise and activity. When
I got injured, I didn't show it and people probably got it wrong that I can't get injured. Even my trainers sa Gold's told me, aba, yung katawan na yan nai-injure pa? Sabagay, I can't sit still and show my pain although sometimes, it's to my disadvantage kasi people has this misconception na Ican't get sick, that I'm superman ba. Like when I came back to badminton, hindi raw halatang me injury ako. baka I'm just cooking up excuses para ma-psychologize yung mga kalaro ko. Well, I can't fight the system, V can't spare a day to look sick even if I really am. Life's too short.

The guys elected me as team captain for the upcoming Eentslink tourney.
I hope my schedule will allow me to fulfill that obligation. The injury made me realize na even if i feel I'm not improving much as a badminton player, I have much to be thankful for. Considering that almost a month ago, I was struggling just to walk even with Tramadol, it's miraculous I can work out and play barely 3 weeks after. David Pomeranz got it wrong -- you gotta believe in miracles!


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