Friday, February 13, 2004

I'm back!

I'm back in the thick of badminton things. Aarrgghh! Coordinating the team (BCMI) to a tourney isn't one of life's joyful things. And I'm not even playing (klasmeyt Boyet's unavailable Sun) but sige na nga, do it for the team and to help out a friend. And I am supposed to sing pa the national anthem sa opening -- talk about having all-around skills, ehehehe.

Good thing my game isn't that rusty. After losing out almost a month from physical therapy,
I'm all-gung-ho about recovering lost ground.A m still not playing as often as I want but I guess that's life. At least, I'm working out at least 3x at Gold's every week since coming back.

There are opportunities presenting themselves as well. Danny R. is recommending me to Manila Bulletin for a column on badminton. Right now,
I'm captaining the BCMI team. Met my Gold counselor last night and she advise me to work part-time sa Gold's. This coming Monday, am looking forward to making a downpayment on a 2nd ACE reviewer. Gotta make a bit of sacrifices if I want to be ready for my Lifestyle & Weight Management exam this May. I haven't really gotten down to writing everything but goal-setting-wise, I want to exercise my brain for my 2nd exam. Save up to have the car repaired and maintained. Tone down and improve a lot cadio-wise so I can play better towards the middle half of the year. But first things first, I guess. Meanwhile, it's back to whacking shuttlecocks tonight.


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