Friday, February 27, 2004

Game again

After weeks of rushing, things are simmering down. A bit, if I may say so. A nice respite before another flurry of activity. Tomorrow, am going back to playing badminton competitively again after like, what, 2 months. I still don't know if I'm ready, even if some people are saying I'm stronger now. My back pain is a shadow of what it was like a month and a half ago. And I am very much grateful for the gift of being able to just move, more so to play and work out again. There's some residual pain every now and then and I've been avoiding squats and some overhead lifts for some time now. Things have given me a bit more perspective and that's something I really didn't see before. for one, the rest allowed my body to taper off; like I feel my workouts even more now. Heck, I can feel yesterday's workout like anything. It's a pleasant feeling I haven't revisited for quite sometime. The time off has sharpened my mind-body focus. I consider myself lucky for getting off relatively lightly and learning a lesson about that one.

Well, one thing I've noticed is that while i continue to admire my bodybuilding idols (Dexter Jackson for one -- watch out for the March issue of Flex Mag's Talkback section where my email will be printed!), I think the bigger task is to be healthy for life. Too often, we fail to see the trees for the forest. Yeah, I get a bit envious whenever i see the hulks at the gym but when I'm out playing badminton with friends and doing rather well, I really appreciate my size, my fitness level, my learnings.

One other wonderful offshoot of my recent injury and recovery is that I am reading and learning so much about fitness training and its many aspects again. Not that i stopped but it pushed me to try and earn my second ACE certification. I've read the Lifestyle and Weight Management Book in a week!  I am now on my second pass to try and digest and understand it better. Wish me luck!

regarding tomorrow's games, much as i have so much apprehension over them, well whatever happens, i consider it a blessing to even be playing.


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