Monday, March 1, 2004

(Another) post-injury epiphany

It's just 11:03am but am so sleepy. had a late dinner with badminton friends, including my idol, si Jaime (Junio). If the food at Kabab was masarap, mas napasarap ang kwentuhan. The tourney ended late, mga 10pm, punctuated by a 3-set thriller in the mixed doubles which Cris & Joly won! Pardner Mel & I ended up in runner-up in Class C. In perspective, it ain't so bad especially that a month ago, I can hardly walk. Konti lang ang cheerers sa Serve 'n Smash because it's so far away. Pero oks! Got to meet old acquaintances din and made new ones. That's the other thing I like about badminton. Anyway, I want to make new goals, fitness-wise, to get better and better at badminton. Coming in to the tourney, I had no expectations of even making it past the semis, so the runner-up finish was a nice surprise. Next stop: the Southsmash Dual Meet on the 13th, if I make it to the selection. Anyway, here's to another busy day _c")_


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