Thursday, March 18, 2004

Java jive

Got my latest WebMD email with some great news: the more coffee, the better for health. There's this Harvard study that tracked thousands of people over 18 years and found out that coffee indeed have health benefits.

Coffee drinkers have less risk of developing Parkinsons, diabetes, and get this, may be less predisposed to depression. And I thought all along that my coffee habit is getting a bit out of hand _c")_ like I gulp about 3-4 mugfuls over the course of a workday. And that I have two coffeemakers at home (ok, ok, one was a gift from the boss last Christmas). Well, all I know is that coffee has always been a comfort drink for me. It might be the caffeine, or the quinines in the beans but sure worked for me. While I like a taste of Starbucks, Seattle's, or Figaro every now and then, nothing beats a mug of steaming Batangas barako coffee! Cheers!


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