Monday, March 22, 2004

Make it caramel popcorn please!

At the rate the newspapers are sounding and reading like entertainment pages, might as well take the time to watch movies. after a very hectic workweek last week, took time off to watch some DVDs:

CAT IN THE HAT - A total letdown, in my opinion. Growing up on Dr. Seuss,
I expected to find my childhood in the movie. It was way too modern and distasteful for me. Mike Myers is Austin Powers dressed in a cat costume. and pardon my saying this, it was really shitty to totally deviate from my Dr. Seuss memories.

MASTER AND COMMANDER - Anything with Russel Crowe in it is bound to be memorable. This one is no exception. Great battle scenes, great dramatic scenes, great sceneries.
It's a sea story with plenty of battle action and a great moral(s). More than made up for the Cat in the Hat disappointment.

RETURN OF THE KING - Watched this again and again on DVD. It's really a great conclusion to the two previous "episodes".  Galing talaga!


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