Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Mind trip

I've been reading about this often so might as well write about it. Am talking about mindful action.  In this day and age of multi-tasking, it's a breath of fresh air. I've come across this topic in an American Council of Exercise article by its spokesperson, Cedric Bryant. He wrote that it's about time that people come back to being aware of what exercise is doing to their bodies, and how their bodies are reacting to the exercise. Which is something I found to be true. And it's not just about mindful exercise, either. When we play, when we pray, oftentimes, our minds are wandering to somewhere else. And multi-tasking is a good excuse to keep doing this. When I got injured doing like 65-70% of my heaviest squats, I figured I was thinking of something else other than the exercise. One of the things I have to concentrate on is strengthening my mental focus. I've started cleaning up my diet (yesterday's office anniversary lunch nearly blew it off), my study/reading sked, my finances. I guess, I have to clean up my mental faculties as well.

Part of the mental overhaul is re-assessing my badminton competitiveness and slowly go back to having more fun and striving to derive more cardio benefits from it. Don't get me wrong on this,
I still enjoy playing but I have to mind my knees and my joints. It's not a career and while I don't like saying never, I have to make an exception on this and say, it's never going to be a career anyway. And besides, I have to refocus on my other plans, like my upcoming ACE exams. I enjoy learning new things. And that talk with brother Mike of Gold's last week was a blessing -- it inspired me to consider looking into personal training as a career. Let's see how far it takes me.


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