Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Martha and other matters

It's sad to see an icon fall. Martha Stewart, who made folksy and country whimsy stylish, was convicted last week. Whether she's guilty or not, it's kinda hard to see an esteemed lady fall from grace. I won't pass judgement on anyone, much less someone I have much respect for like her. All I know is that she will be missed. From the time before she appeared in Oprah, I've appreciated her magazine, her causes, her story as a single mom who raised her daughter alone. A case of wanting a little bit more? Nobody but a handful of people will really know. Business interests can really be the center of vicious maligning and stuff. i

In the badminton circle I'm moving in, I've seen friendships and acquaintances going sour because of business conflicts. It's one reason why I'm staying away from the courts, much as I hate it. Oh well, I won't dignify it by talking at length but all I'm saying is that I hate the fact that friends talk behind their backs and force you to take sides. All I want is simple: to have fun playing _c")_

P.S.  Can't wait for the Flex Mag march issue and see my letter published. The wonders of email! Too bad, my idol Dex got robbed at the Arnold's.
I've seen the pictures and there's no way Jay & Chris could've come out ahead of him. But then again, that's life. Hope he gets his dues come Olympia time.


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