Thursday, March 11, 2004

Weighty matters

Caught the segment on extreme obesity control measures within Jessica Soho's program last night. Wow,I never realized that those things I used to read happening in the more developed countries are about to happen in our own backyard. Ganon na ba kagrabe ang problema sa weight management dito? 

There's this endoscopic thingy wherein a balloon is inserted into the stomach via the mouth. The other procedure is narrowing the entrance to the stomach. It's kinda surprising to know there's actually a need for this here kasi nga considering that a lot of people are actually going hungry in this country. But then again, there's this proliferation of eating places and food stuff. It's really hard to stay away from overstuffing when you consider the many choices available. And for many people, eating is a Pinoy-culture thing (then again, how many cultures really exclude eating in celebrating?). I don't have to venture far because within the family, what I know is that my normally stoical mom is expressive of her love via food. Most family or friendly celebrations are built around food (and drinking). Heck, fiestas are made for gluttony, hehehe. 

Now that I am in the thick of reviewing for my ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management exam, it's really becoming apparent that if it weren't for our being third-world, a lot of Pinoys would really be obese.  Reading about the food trips of the late-great Doreen Fernandez or the travelogues of Anita Feleo reveals the Pinoy penchant for eating, or should we say, feasting. our foods are inherently-rich, in carbs, in protein, in fat, everything. It's literally an explosion of rich, sinfulness. Grabe.

The modernization of our eating habits, Westernization of our food preparation, while offering the customer more choices, are wreaking havoc on our health. I am not about to say na we ban all these eating places. But
I guess it should be a case of eating in moderation. And balancing things like eating more fruits and veggies.S eems like a tall order but it shouldn't take a health wake-up call to eat more healthfully.

As hard as it seems to me,
I have to look more closely at my own diet. Like I eat at fastfood outlets that serve more meat-based dishes, and fried foods kaya it can be a challenge. And I have to admit my weakness for Lapid's chicharon. or pasta con aligue (which I can prepare better than those hoity-toity restos). My daily dose of barako brewed coffee by the mugfuls. Or the occasional big bag of Lay's Bbq potato chips. Hey, everyone's got their own food trip!

For a time,
I've gone back to drinking Coke (ice-cold seems so tempting after a heated badminton game, don't you think?) but have cut it out completely the past month. Also steered away from drinking beer or anything alcoholic after the holidays, so that's another good thing. Well, one last thing. I've been drinking like one and a half gallons of water again. It's one thing I can reco to my clients and would-be clients -- to drink tons of water. Hey, we can't get enough of it anyway (though I heard there can be such a thing as overhydration but considering how little water we actually drink, it is but a remote possibility anyway). Buti na lang, badminton can really make you sweat so much, all you want is a liter or two of water after playing. And I've gone back to eating a serving or two of Quaker oats (didn't realize how much I miss it until I started eating a bowl before working out).

Anyway, bottom-line learnings for the day:
It's okay not to finish all the food on your plate (but don't heap all that food from the buffet table anyway)
- Learn to share your food
- Don't deprive yourself, just eat a bit of your craving
- Learn to say no, especially to too much alcohol or food
- Drink lots of water (seems so simple but not a lot of people actually do it)
- Eat sensibly, like eat what you want this meal, then eat a bit of fruit and/or veggies next (put things in perspective, like is it really harder to peel an apple or mango than to rip open a bag of potato chips?)


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