Friday, March 12, 2004

Weighty matters part II

Got today's CBN dispatch and was surprised to find out the report on obesity and how it's literally killing Americans.  I almost didn't expect the report coming from the Christian Broadcasting Network but I guess part of good stewardship is keeping the bodies we're given by the good Lord, healthy. Anyway, the stats are astounding: 1 out of 3 Americans is obese, around 9 million children are part of the problem. Imagine that! No wonder the fat-loss market is worth so many billions of dollars.

Some people come to me asking about the remedy for fat loss, probably hoping
I would say something magical or miraculous. I guess it's hard for a lot of people to realize the only lasting solution is so simple yet kinda difficult: good nutrition and exercise. It seems we're prepared to do so many things in life but eating right and being active are among the last things we're willing to do.

Being an athlete-at-heart, it's sometimes mind-boggling to hear people say they don't have the time to exercise.
I guess, it's just human to take the path to least resistance, so to speak. that's why I'm glad when I'm able to convert a sedentary person into an exercise freak. Sometimes, getting started is the hardest thing. once a person gets a positive reaction about exercise, minsan, nagtutuloy-tuloy na.

Important learnings for the day:
- Diets are like new year's resolutions. They're short-lived. Real behavior and lifestyle modifications can only happen with real foods
- Corollary to this, one has to find the activity that fits his/her personality and lifestyle, if one expects it to be a lifetime commitment

Well, it's not as if
I just discovered these things today. Even before I started getting more serious about fitness, these were already my realizations. And nobody has to be a genius to make the same.

P.S.  Thanks Dindin for your post the other day. Hope you and anyone who reads my blog benefits from my musings.


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