Monday, March 15, 2004

Raw foodism

Came across this interesting article in one of those U.S. magazines while having my haircut at Bruno's last Sat. It's about eating raw, unprocessed, uncooked food. Very interesting in the light of the latest obesity alert in the states. It echoes Jack Lalanne's recommendation about a decade ago -- eat food that is unprocessed or less processed whether they'd be fruits or vegetables.

I see the merit in this but the trouble with this is first and foremost, the cost. The article made no bones (pun intended) about the higher cost of this new "lifestyle". And not a lot of places serve raw food. Have a friend who has converted into an "organic food" lifestyle and she has lost a lot of weight and maintained it. Of course, she exercises quite a lot so if the nutrition part is complete, there really is some merit in the raw is better adage.

Weren't it for the high cost of buying one, Jack Lalanne's Power Juicer is ideal for this lifestyle.  Granted that not a lot of people like veggies or can consume them in the 4-6 required servings daily, juicing would be a nice idea. And it doesn't taste as awful as it sounds, wag lang siguro bitter melons ang veggie juice base.

Just some of the minor changes
I'm introducing in my so-called diet (I hate to call it diet kasi most people misconstrue this as a temporary eating style) is replacing the ubiquitous iced tea with water or juice.  The other thing is drinking like a gallon or 1 1/2 gallon of water everyday, not just on badminton playing days. And also, adding a serving of salad greens sana daily (gastos kasi!). Well, it's been a dream of mine to come up with a book that discusses healthy eating with existing food and food outlets. It's the only way we can make permanent lifestyle changes kasi, not those South Beach, Atkins and other diets. Even rigorously counting carbs is kinda difficult for the regular worker so the long-term compliance is somewhat compromised. Anyway, food for thought _c")_


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