Friday, April 16, 2004

Diets and other spams

Kinda hate it when I get emails on dieting. For all the dieting aids available, the obesity problem is only worsening. It's also frustrating to hear friends and other people getting hooked on the latest diet, especially when it restrict important food groups or nutrients such as carbohydrates. It's hard to tell people that the only thing that works over the long haul is making lifestyle changes -- in eating and getting activity. I never imagined it to be a complicated problem until I've bumped into a former badminton partner who lost considerable weight just in time for hitting the beach (because of cutting carbo altogether) and gaining it all back and some more (because of bingeing after two weeks of 0% carbs). hmmm, food for thought as I continue my review. _c")_ meanwhile, here's to a more restful weekend.


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