Monday, April 19, 2004

10 things I like to do (but are harmful to my health)

Am excerpting from a health report from the New Jersey's Health Ledger which appeared in the ACE website about the 10 unhealthy things we do to ourselves. Interesting thing to note:
1 Don't check urine color
(One easy indicator of hydration is how colorless one's urine is. The darker the urine, the more water you need. The rules are somewhat changing but it is prudent to stick to plain water, not water-based beverages like colas, teas, coffee)

2 Takes calcium in wrong amounts or at the wrong time
(It's so easy to pop a 1,000 mg pill but thing is, the body can absorb 300-500 mg of calcium at one time. And big doses of a single mineral can compete with small doses of, say, magnesium. And too often, we rely on pills to to do the trick when we should be consuming calcium from natural sources. lucky for me, I love milk and I don't have lactose intolerance)

3 Exercise imbalance
(I've seen it everywhere, even among fellow trainers. Especially when you're big and bulky, cardio can be deemed as wimpy. When you're a cardio-freak, strength-training can be seen as unnecessary.A nd talk about stretching, how many people really devote time to flexibility training? My personal fault is not enough core training, something I am making amends for)

4 Eats big fat dinners late at night
(My badminton group does this very regularly. Good thing I have managed to wean myself away from the practice, although it may have costed me quality time with them. Hmmm, can't have everything, can we?)

5 Forgets to floss
(Quick, I need to make a trip to Mercury and get floss!)

6 Don't get enough sleep
(This fast-paced world has put a premium on sleep. there are a lot of myths also about growing old and needing less sleep. and old habits die hard.)

7 Ignores aches and pains
(I used to not really pay attention to knee and joint pains. But we all pay for it some way or another. And I've seen my share of serious injuries. Which is why I try not to overdo myself. not that I want to be overly cautious and restrict my activity level. I'm learning to really listen to my body now.)

8 Try to lose weight too much, too fast
(Now that i'm reviewing for my ACE LWM exam, I can look more in-depth about what drives people to abuse their body for the sake of aesthetics. I have to admit appearance change is a big motivator to keep losing weight but it shouldn't come at the expense of one's health. People simply wants results right here, right now. But we have to pay the price for that kind of thinking.)

9 Heat up food in plastic containers
(The article said the intense heat used to heat up high-fat foods can cause the release of phthalates which leach into food and can cause health problems like cancer, etc. Hmmm, food for thought next time I pop something into the microwave)

10 Overwear contacts
(Good thing I don't wear contacts but i know people who overextends them and end up having stys. One strong reason why is that contacts deprive blood vessels in the eye from getting enough oxygen)

Hope somebody who reads my blog benefits even if just a little from this.


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