Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Food for thought

Had a nice lunch with SR kahapon at Big Buddha. as usual, even the Rice with Shrimp Paste was great. It was a nice excuse to eat a bit more. made up for it by working out with Red in the evening - a bruiser of a workout, high-repper supersets for shoulders and triceps.

Anyway, watched Susan Medina's show last night and all that food makes you wonder if we can really make any headway in making permanent eating habits. What with all the glorious foods available.
I have my share of favorites - nothing fancy but just as calorie-laden. my all-time favorite is Via Mare's year-round puto bumbong. Glenda replaced the sugar with panocha and it made all the difference. Add a cup of barako coffee and wow, my afternoon's made. Via's Binagoongang Baboy is another irresistible temptation, deep-fried crispy pork bellies topped with bagoong and paired with green mango slices and veggies borrowed from pinakbet. With all the fancy stuff I've tasted, I can't let let go of these favorites. Well, everything in moderation. And moderation in everything.


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