Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Songs at the movies

Watched a bit of Julia Roberts' movies last night and it's amazing to rediscover for the nth time, wonderful songs. Waxing nostalgic? You bet. My Best Friend's Wedding made some great songs known to the current generation - "I Say A Little Prayer", "The Way You Look Tonight", and one of my lyrical favorite, John Denver's "Annie's Song".  Even Nottinghill made use of exceptional songs I grew up with - "She", "How Can You Mend A Broken Heart," and the relatively newer but lyrically amazing "When You Say Nothing At All".

I haven't watched 50 First Dates but the soundtrack is great. There's my all-time favorite The Cure ballad, "Love Song" as well as "True", "Your Love", "Hold Me Now", "Every Breath  You Take", "Slave to Love", "I Melt With You", "Friday I'm in Love".  While not necessarily the standard classics, they're absolute treasures from the 80s.  It just seemed like yesterday but boy, it's been almost 2 decades since New Wave and Brit Pop invaded the music scene.
I particularly liked the lyrical quality of the songs of the Thompson Twins (foremost example is "Lay Your Hands on Me"), Style Council (whether it's the torchy "Paris Match," wistful "Boy Who Cried Wolf," or driving "Shout To The Top"), and of course, Everything But the Girl (from the brazenly emotional "Cross My Heart", folksy "I Don't Wanna Talk About It," to the haunting "Missing").

I don't want to sound old-fashioned but
I really do miss the lyrical and emotional depth of the old songs. Most of today's songs are kinda soul-less and bereft of lyrical quality. Which is why I kinda hate Sony for sort of punishing a striving artist like Mandy Moore for her less-commercial effort, Coverage. I myself, was mystified by Mandy's move as most of the songs in the album are little-known. but it was a great effort to make songs like "Have a Little Faith in Me," "Can We Still be Friends," "Moonshadow," "Anticipation," among other great tracks.  It's indeed a brave attempt and a gesture that will be remembered by generations of music lovers. it's an opportunity for us more mature, ehem, listeners to relive the good ole days, and today's young listeners to listen to what they're missing. And they're missing a lot...


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