Monday, April 26, 2004

A great movie and great songs - actually

Nice dinner with partner Aldrin and klasmeyt Boyet last night. B2 just came back from the states kaya parang welcome back dinner sa Next Door. Andun din sila Bob kaya nice surprise baga.  It's great to be playing again with friends -- the tres amigos are back! I've really slowed down sa badminton and need to regain some of that quickness kasi RJ invited me to play sa Southsmash 3 weeks from now so that's a goal I'm working on.

Now, a nice movie to talk about:
LOVE ACTUALLY - The Brits really have a different sense of humor. Very funny, at the same time poignant. Sabagay, it was produced by the same production outfit behind Four Weddings and Bridget Jones. Hugh Grant is in his element here, same with Colin Firth. Emma Thompson is as always, great.
I love the story of Laura Linney (well, love doesn't always have a nice ending).  The choice of music is also excellent. I guess it's an automatic thing -- to connect a great storyline with great music.

MANILOW, ROGERS & DENVER -- Speaking of music,
I want to start recalling great songs as I can remember them. All weekend, I kept humming the songs of Manilow (maybe it's because of American Idol) and Kenny Rogers. Call me mushy but the lyrics of their songs are really memorable and heart-tugging. From Manilow, I particularly liked "Could It be Magic", "Weekend in New England", "One of These Days", "Trying to Get the Feeling Again", "Even Now", and my all-time favorite, "Sandra".

From Kenny Rogers: "Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer", "We've Got Tonight", "Islands in the Stream", "She Believes in Me," "You Decorated my Life". (sorry, no "Lady" here)

Some of the songs are recently remade, making them accessible to the present generations (ex. Ronan Keating seems to favor Kenny with remakes of "We've Got Tonight" and "She Believes in Me").  Only proves how great the lyrics are.

One other artist
I've recently rediscovered is John Denver. watching "My Best Friend's Wedding" 2 weekends ago, I caught myself singing to "Annie's Song" and I'm reminded how gripping the lyrics are. His other great song is "My Sweet Lady," a song that never fails to bring a tear to my eyes.S till another is "Sunshine On My Shoulder". John's maybe gone but his legacy lives on. _c")_

P.S.  It would be a disgrace to have forgotten Paul Williams. his "Travelling Boy" is poignant (there
I go again) as with "You and Me Against the World".

P.S. 2 -- Carpenters is another favorite. While most of their songs are melancholic, they are very heartfelt. From Karen's reading of "Desperado", to the pensive "Superstar", the sadness of "Rainy days and Mondays", the thankful "Sometimes", and "Let Me Be the One" among a lot of hits.

P.S. 3 -- Got into the 70s mode one overtime night and the conversation veered to the boy vocal groups. I was really surprised somebody else knew the Cascades. Too bad they lived only to record just one album, But what an album that was. "From Rhythm of the Falling Rain," to "My First Day Alone", every song is emmorable, hummable and great.


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