Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Easing into Easter

Hey, it ain't easy being sick over the Holy Week holidays. But all that dust and cleaning up must have taken a toll. Practically slept all day Sunday and missed playing. Monday rolled in and for the better part of the day, read or slept. Anyway, it was a nice time to catch up on my reading. The holidays also meant more time to watch the ff. DVDs:

The Last Samurai - Missed this one in the theaters. Great movie. All those poetic lines about finding something mystifying yet inevitably appealing aren't lost on me. It was nice of Tom to produce an epic like this that isn't condescending to Easterners. Didn't mind the 2 1/2 hours at all.

Big Fish - Once again, Tim Burton amazes. There's always this funny yet poignant quality to his films that appeals to me. Unabashedly cried at the end (won't reveal the ending though) because it's a yarn that most of us can relate to when it comes to the tales our father told (or insinuated) us.

Trainspotting - Glad this cult favorite became available to us. The heroin and drug culture is partly-familiar yet also alien. Can learn a lesson or two from Ewan here.

For a change, watched Buce Almighty and Indiana Jones for the Holy Week. Maiba naman yet keeping to the holiness of the holydays.


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