Thursday, May 27, 2004

2 days off

Whew! it seems like 2 days just passed just like that. Am still sore from working out my legs/shoulders/triceps Tuesday afternoon and playing badminton with the Central Circle guys from 8.30 onwards. Yesterday, went straight to the gym after my exam and had like 1 1/2 hours of weights and an hour of cardio with Mr. Dave!  Talk about a demanding sked!

Anyway, it was nice to see my peers in the fitness field after quite a while. was surprised I know so many of them, including guys from Gold's, sina Dave included. 'twas nice to talk about something else other than advertising for a change.

It was also refreshing to talk to Ma'am Tina (Juan) again. Am surprised she still recognizes me after all this time. Talagang idol ko si Tina when it comes to fitness. She's really a role model, a great teacher, and a good person. If I'm going to make any headway in my fitness career, I owe a lot to her great example. Am also glad was able to convince quite a few people in my CPR training group to take up the ACE exam. Sana nga, we all make it. The group's smaller than the one I first attended, maybe due to the high cost. All the more that sana nga, we all make it.

Anyway, got enough time to squeeze in a great movie...

CENTRAL STATION - This '98 movie featuring Brazilian great, Fernanda Montenegro, became available recently in the bootleg circuit.A  great, moving movie deserving of the awards it won and the Oscar nods it received. Not to condone the pirates, but the beauty of bootlegs is that we get to watch movies otherwise rendered obscure by their unavailability. This one's not an exception, great acting, great morals. Was glad to take a chance on it when I saw it.

LEARNING FROM YESTERDAY - Tina always make it a point to reiterate this about badminton, which also applies to other sports as well: get fit to play, not play to get fit. There's a world of difference between the two. And while it's admirable to get in a bit of activity like play badminton, a lot of us overeager souls forget that different sports demand different levels of fitness. It's not just about performing well, it's to preserve our bodies too. How often have we heard (or suffered from) about injuries and worse, death, on the court. I learned about this the hard way (several injuries), and much to the surprise of my contemporaries & playmates, I've learned to slow down and start enjoying the sport as an exercise.A ll too often, we can get caught up in the winning and competing and forget the high costs they carry. In retrospect, I also realized that oftentimes, the wanting to win thing can rob us of the joy of just playing. Food for thought as I look forward to playing again soon.


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