Friday, May 28, 2004

Fat, Amish and virgin

Watched an interesting, albeit creative, edition of MYX this early morning featuring the parodies of the great Weird Al Yankovic. Wow, he's been on the scene for over 2 decades now. the series started off with the parody of Michael Jackson's "Bad" entitled "Fat", a throwback to the less politically-correct late 80s (or was it the 90s already). Next off was the take on  Coolio's "Gangsta Paradise" entitled "Amish Paradise" and last but not the least was the outrageous "Like a Surgeon", obviously a take on Madonna's first big smash, "Like a Virgin". VJ Luis got it wrong when he said Weird Al is the American "Michael V" because he's been around way, way before the latter.  If  I remember it correctly, Michael even sort of copied the "love ballad" idea with a sleeper hit that helped cement his career as a funnyman in the early 90s. the videos have aged well, I'm surprised that I still find a lot of the portions funnily corny (or was that cornily funny).

Tom's idol Jaime's (Junio) bday party in Laguna. Dunno if I can join the group but twas nice for him to remember.  Idol ko rin yung isang yun. Maybe, just maybe, we can forget about work for the time being this weekend. Have to start packing my things for moving next weekend.


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