Monday, May 31, 2004

Adam and Drew are game, og got published

Finally got to watch Adam Sandler's 50 First Dates. Liked it very much from the walrus antics to the 80s music. Of course, Drew's favorite song, "True", is once again in the movie along with a whole bunch of nice remakes including 311's excellent reading of The Cure's "Love Song" as well as Israel Kamakawiwo's haunting "Over the Rainbow". Got a lot of new DVD acquisitions, including the Stephen King classic "Stand By Me," and Guiseppi Tornatore's "Malena". At the rate my collection is growing, storage is bound to be a problem. Now that I've started packing for moving to a new unit, managing all these DVDs is proving to be quite a headache, not that I don't welcome that headache.

Finally played again yesterday after like 2 weeks. Hard games kaagad with Ferdie, John & Eman. Buti na lang my ankle is stable and relatively pain-free. Am suprised my skills are quite intact, endurance na lang talaga ang problema. No amount of training on the cross-trainer can really mimic badminton's stop-and-go, forward-backwards-lateral movements. It was also a nice time to catch up with John. It's sad na pakonti nang pakonti ang mga taong naglalaro ng Sunday, what with so many courts around and more coming up - like the 15 court Badminton Zone soon to be open where Toyota Bel-air used to be. But such is life.

One grounding factor is the Central Circle quorum we have every Tue-Thu with sila Boyet aka klasmeyt aka B2, Dindin aka Supermom aka D2, Mariejo, Trixie, Bambi, Rachel, Aldrin, Mackie, RJ, Levy, et al. The old tropa seems to have drifted apart na. If I ever go back to my former competitiveness, will likely add a quorum, like the Shuttlers Group I've been invited to sa Powersmash.  It's really the sked that doesn't allow me to. and of course, my renewed set of priorities.

Anyway, one other thing that made my Sunday was getting the Flex magazine issue with my letter in the correspondence section. Wow! To get a letter published in my favorite mag is reason enough to be elated. Super.


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