Thursday, May 6, 2004

And the music goes on - Dianne and Pauline

4 days away from the elections. Still haven't gotten down to writing all my candidates though. Anyway, a short discussion before plunging back to work. Just as I promised, Dianne Reeves and Pauline Wilson.

Always admired Dianne Reeves from her "Better Days" album.
It's a song with one heck of a storytelling. In fact, the whole eponymous album reeks of soulful singing and storytelling. Her next outing, "I Remember" features the most emotive version of "Like A Lover" that I've heard, just her voice and the masterful strumming of Kevin Eubanks. Her reading of "How High the Moon/Misty" is wonderful. Too bad, I can't afford to buy all her recordings. One of her last studio albums featured a songbook of Sarah Vaughan, obviously, one of her idols. She is one of the true jazz singers of our time and though she deserves more accolades and recognition than what she's getting, the true fans hold her in high esteem along with the jazz greats.

Speaking of the vocal jazz acts, Pauline Wilson is one class act to remember. I believe she's of Filipina descent and based in Hawaii along with the rest of Seawind. Her signature "Follow Your Road," is still fresh and relevant up to now. Her breezy "I Need Your Love" is still perky. The 1991 album (wow, that was a decade old na pala) had the wonderful Brenda Russell composition, "Walking My Way Back to You" as well as the sexy "Stay." Got news on the internet that she's got a relatively new output, "Tribute," which is an album full of covers of standards. Should be interesting. She's one of those voices that shines and shimmers with every play.


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