Monday, May 17, 2004

Healing time, Paycheck, Swimming pool

Got sprained last Sunday and all those overtime days helped heal my right ankle (a blessing in disguise, really). Got back to the gym last Friday and repeated on Sat, my foot's okay na but didn't get to play badminton yesterday to rest it some more. Pulled out of the Southsmash tourney on sun coz I don't know if I'm going to be competitive at all knowing I had this injury and couldn't play much more regularly.

At the time of my injury, didn't understand it at all but now, I guess it's to rest myself as well. Have to attend to a lot of things too, like previewing my next abode -- yep, I'm moving to another floor in 3-4 weeks time. Gastos! Have to get a lot of things fixed, like the aircon contraption, the roman shades laundered, as well as take stock of my things. Hmm, first things first, have to get ready for my ACE exam which is like 1 1/2 weeks from now.

Relaxed yesterday while doing some chores so here are the reviews:

PAYCHECK - Never been much of a Ben Affleck fan but I liked the premise of this one. Yep, it's not a joy to really see into the future because as the movie says "it robs you of hope to keep going on."  Liked Uma much in this one and it's a good buy.

SWIMMING POOL - Another great one from Canal+. They really make good movies and this one is no exception. Morale of the story is, you can't just rely on someone's story without checking the facts first.

ASWANG - Indie film. While purportedly, the movie received warm reviews in the states, it didn't portray the Filipino well. Hmmm, kinda shitty (excuse my language) if you ask me.


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