Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Busy Tuesday musings

Barely slept, power was out from 2 til 8am. Arggghhh! ang init pa naman. Wonder how I'm going to make the transition when I move to another unit and like spend 1-2 days without an aircon. Right now, I've got a throbbing head and I seem to be running on caffeine, hehehe. Miss playing badminton na. But Sat, have a party to attend to. And BCMI is hosting the Enervon tourney. Would have to wait until Sun then. Tutal, won't compete in the Southsmash Tourney naman.

It's just almost a week before my ACE exams. I don't why I'm so calm. Finished reading the book like 4-5 times.  And I'm starting to re-read it again. Guess, I'm as ready as i can be, that's why.

Another busy week. But can't complain. Have to be thankful for all the graces.

Just thinking aloud, it's kinda mind-boggling what I need to do come moving time. Hmmm, one step at a time, I guess.


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