Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Of migraines and narcolepsy

It's 7.20 pm but the office is still humming with activity. Whew, it's been another busy week. Haven't peeked at all at my ACE book, sana I can get home earlier.

One great thing is that I'm done with my workout, made an iskapo during lunch. Sarap din magworkout nang lunch, although it leaves me narcoleptic-sleepy during the siesta hours. Oks din when the time constraint is there. It forces me to work faster, parang nagiging endurance-fest pero heavy pa rin.

Slowly getting back my strength on some movements, Monday night, I went up to 630 pounds on the leg press, no spotters! Today, I picked up this straight-palm grip flyes from Markus Ruhl's article in Flex and tried it to great effect. Galing!

Dunno if I have the weekend pa nga (AMC will kill me for this) but I sure appreciate taking off on Tue-Wwed. Wow, medyo cramming time na nga eh, hehehe. We'll see.

I'm looking forward na to moving to my next abode (naks!). Maiba naman. The configuration of the unit is a bit different, with the windows to the right instead of the left. The parquet flooring is also a welcome thing so I can walk barefoot again while at home. Wow, ang dami talagang gagawin, yung set-up pa lang ng home theater will take hours. Hmmm, yung mga DVD's & CD's collections ko pa. The books. The lighting. Arggghhhh!H ehehe, take it easy!


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