Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Climate control

Hay, ang buhay Pinoy talaga... Pinoys have it bad when it comes to losing. The political climate is as stormy as the recent weather readings. I just hope and pray that the Poe brouhaha dies a natural death because admit it or not, FPJ's political career, or whatever resembles it, is done for. I mean, c'mon, the guy doesn't have an iota of an idea of how to run a country. Even for non-GMA voters, the strongest GMA-alternative is a lame duck or should we say, an obvious political puppet. I'm amazed when people i used to have high regards for like Nene Pimentel went over to the opposition fence, to the defense of the Poe camp. I mean, give me Eddie Villanueva or Lacson, but Poe? Him who can't even decently address his own campaign rally for the life of his own presidential bid? If more and more Pinoys are entertaining working and living elsewhere in search of a better life, or at least a chance for one, is because of all these bickerings. 

Until we start praying hard, practice selflessness, and restore the moral integrity of our country from the petty to the serious things (like crossing the street, proper driving and riding, garbage disposal to government procedures), we would probably be locked into a one step forward, three steps back mode.

P.S.  Got my leg strength back to the olden days, up to 720lbs x 4 in the slanted leg press. Dunno, but am getting encouraging words from gym-mates about powerlifting or bodybuilding.  It just gets me into a quandary whether to get heavier which would make unfit for badminton or move up in bodyweight. Hmmm... another food for thought.


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