Thursday, June 10, 2004

Mixed thoughts

Late overtime so went to work at 2... after gym, hehehehe.

Pandesal & milk for breakfast. Nice lunch: yummy pesto pasta and a big glass of mango-papaya protein shake at Venice Beach, very, very healthy. Mid-afternoon snack: oatmeal cookies from healthy options. Wow, am a health freak!

Am trying to decide whether I want to join pa the BCMI tourney. 3 people just either called or came up to me asking me to partner with them, which is flattering, kasi parang ang galing-galing ko, ehehehe. But there's a pitch coming up 2 Mondays from now so that takes away my remaining weekend to practice so I think that's been decided na. I don't feel like playing competitively na rin anyway.  And besides, I just remembered I have a standing promise to Benjie and Al, my surrogate brothers, that I will play with them sa ParaƱaque one of these Saturdays.

Moving time na rin this weekend. Part of me is eager, another is anticipating all the cleaning, clearing, fixing. and the gastos. Hmmm, anyway, will go to the wake of one of our bosses' mom at Don Bosco to sing during the mass. My prayers go out to Mrs. Illustre.


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