Friday, June 11, 2004

Blurry, bleary, dreamy Friday and Willy Wonka may be right

Working up to 4.30am. Problematic over how to sked fixing the hooks for the shades before moving in to my next abode. About to go to a shoot with Joyce Jimenez (hey, I should be looking forward to this!). Mugful of coffee to clear my head. so many publication materials deadlines. Looks like it's another long day ahead. Sigh... where is that winning lotto combination when you really need it?

Days like these, I just wanna escape to that isolated island in my mind, far away from civilization. No cellphones. No worries. Just the blue sky with soft clouds drifting above, turquoise waters flowing below, lush mountains in between. Hmmm... to be a gentleman-farmer growing my food in my own backyard. Where the corner lot is my corner office. where greens mean crisp veggies I got to harvest, not greenbacks heavily exchanged in the blackmarket. Where the sun serves as my timekeeper, not a Nike watch. Where massive trees are my airconditioners. Where the treadmill is that trip to the nearest town 10 or so kilometers away. Where alfresco dining under the stars is as easy as taking a banana leaf cum plate and eating right there at the porch. Where fine dining means cooking fresh produce for friends and eating with our hands. Where I can walk my German Shepherd into the woods as an excuse to wander. Ah, to dream...

P.S.  Willy Wonka may be right after all. According to WebMD, the American Society of Hypertension is enthusiastic about the heart-healthy benefits of dark chocolate. They explain it must be flavonoids in cocoa that helps in preventing stiffening of the blood vessels and keep them open, keeping the blood flowing. White chocolate doesn't qualify (good, I hate them anyway). Hmmm, seems to me, we chocoholics have known that all along...


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