Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Chores, chores and snores, 2 funerals and Deodato

Moved all my things last Sat and I didn't imagine i have quite a lot of stuff. It was quite back-breaking work but moved everything I did -- all in a span of 6 hours. Have to still weed out trash, or things that belong there anyway, but am taking my time now. Never knew I could so much chores in so short a time -- from waxing & buffing the floor to cleaning the CR from top to bottom, installing the roman shades to fixing the cabinets. Chic called for SOS brainstorming for a pitch sat evening and who am I to refuse to help a friend. Was so dead-tired come Sunday I nearly didn't play but I managed to sneak in like 2 1/2 hours of playing (good thing since I don't know when i can play again anyway). Anyway, it's truly a joy to be able to walk around the house barefoot on wooden floor (ah, such simple pleasures).

Took a leave yesterday to catch up on sleep. Dozed off for like 10 or so hours. Never realized I was that tired. Went to the gym at 4 and later to therapeutic massage at Don Bosco at 6.30. Too bad, Mang Joe wasn't there but sonny did the works all right. This is my sort-of-secret-bargain, for where else in the city can you find Shiatsu-Swedish massage for just 250 bucks? The appointments maybe spartan, the venue can be noisy (last night, Father John had his birthday party there) but who cares?

Decided to pass on the BCMI tourney. Have to honor my promise to play with other people naman. Besides, dunno why my competitive fire has dimmed. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy the game.  But I'm in it now for the fun and recreation. The week looks hectic from this vantage point but hope to squeeze in a bit of badminton.

2 FUNERALS p.s. 1 - The mom of one of our bosses passed away last week, and on two nights during the wake, was invited to sing during the mass. It's a unique experience as I've sung only once during a wake and that was like in college. The husband of my broker also passed away last sat, and as much as I would've liked to go to Avenida for the wake, was so tired from moving and fixing.

DEODATO, ANYONE? p.s. 2 - It amazed me how one of my art directors, To-lits (aka LL J COOL) know Eumir Deodato. About the only other person I know who knows and appreciates his music is my bestfriend Chito. Talk about eclectic music tastes. moving and fixing up reacquainted me with some of my older collections. Deodato was a premiere instrumentalist, spewing jazz fusion pieces even way before the term was coined. His "Rhapsody in Blue" is still a masterful take on Gershwin's classic while his "Moonlight Serenade" is a gleaming, jazzzzzed up version of the romantic original. His "Thus Spake Zarathustra" is also wonderful and breathtaking. of course, I can just be rambling on. I find fewer and fewer people who knows this wonderful musician who have played alongside the greats like Sarah Vaughan (watch for him in Sassy's "I Love Brazil").


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