Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Simple pleasures

Nope, that's not a type on the title. I'm speaking of simple pleasures of leisure: a hot mug of barako coffee paired with pan de sal before an early morning meeting (hey, I'm not used to waking up early!)... Good presentations... Side trip to the Mondragon sale, got 3 shirts for a thousand bucks... wow! Buti na lang they're reserving a Yonex shorts for me (there was a problem with the bar code/inventory) so I'd be forced to come back, ehehehe... Completed my workout cycle for the week by sneaking in my chest workout during lunch break. Onto my next microcycle for periodization purposes. Ahhh, another simple pleasure of mine.  A busy afternoon and evening ahead... My consolation is that I got my workouts in. That, in lieu of badminton, which I don't see I can squeeze in anytime this week, what with a big pitch come Monday. well, that's life _c")_


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