Thursday, June 17, 2004

Crazy cabbies

Been riding cabs all my life. in lieu of driving and getting stressed out before and after a long day at work (and paying so much for parking in the Ayala area), I habitually take taxis. Along the way, I've come to know a bunch of sukis. Interesting people really. Most try to make a decent living. But some are downright drivers from hell. I have a grasp of how difficult it must be to raise the boundary fee but it's absolutely crazy how some cab drivers drive. This morning's edition is no different. In my very short trip to the office, I must have winced 3/4 of the way with half an inch passes along other vehicles there was even a climb on the sidewalk (talk about subjecting your suspension to that torture). Even if you're an atheist, you'd learn how to pray with these drivers!

I agree with Boyet's observation that we Pinoys are often ill-disciplined and it's manifested in the way we behave on the road. And it's not just the cabbies. The bus drivers are big violators, too, along with that of the jeepneys. case in the point, if your car lights are defective, you can't really drive at night without risking a traffic citation. But if you'd look around, jeepneys do that all the time -- oftentimes, no headlights, no signal lights!  It can be frustrating. which is why driving sometimes become more of a stressful chore than a relaxing experience. Add the conditions of our roads, plus the law-exempt pedicabs, hay naku, it can be chaotic out there. I also agree with B2's observation that righting our little wrongs like lack of road discipline can be our road to moral recovery. We have to start somewhere, don't we?

P.S.  Some interesting movies recently-watched:
CALENDAR GIRLS -- my ex-boss Chic lent this movie to me and it was funny in a British sort of way. The movie was about the crazy things we can do in the course of our dry, boring lives. The moral was not lost, and oh, there were more than one -- about friendships, letting go, trying new things, about not letting age get in your way to do things we want to.

VIEW FROM THE TOP -- Didn't get to watch this in the theater but then again, it wasn't a sorry loss.C hic also lent this to me. The laughs were few and far between although the moral of the story is easy to spot. Definitely not one of Gwyneth's can't-miss-movies.


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