Friday, June 18, 2004

Round midnight

With apologies to the great Nelson Riddle and Linda Ronstadt (who covered the song for her album of the same title way back in the 80s); as I'm writing this at 3am, waiting for my art directors to complete layouts for presentation in the early morning.

I'm typing away as music by Arturo Sandoval plays courtesy of To-lits, one of my AD's who uncannily shares my eclectic taste in music. For a while, to fight the zzz's, talk went from blues to contemporary jazz music, Sandoval to Gloria Estefan to Christina Aguilera, Fellini to Tornatore films.  It's been sometime since I've met somebody with a broad range of interest in music and movies. There was a time in the distant past when I would just sit down with friends over pizza or coffee and ramble on about music and films for hours on end. Nothing esoteric really as I hate "cultural" snobs myself. It's just that despite my relatively humble (read: financially bereft) background, I was lucky to have been exposed to the arts, mainly music. and I really, really love music, to sing songs, memorize them, understand them.

As early as my third year of life, I can remember whole songs. The first song I memorized fully was Roberta Flack's Grammy-winning "Killing Me Softly." It mystified me how a song can kill anyone softly, hehehe. I didn't know it then but I serependitiously grew up to a household brimming with a myriad of songs ranging from Nat King Cole to (kundiman king) Ruben Tagalog, the Cascades to the Carpenters. If I yearn to buy an iPod (just a dream for now) is that I want to cull songs from the internet, mainly songs that defined my childhood. Songs that defined eras that I feel will return again. Anyway, it's nearly 4am and I have to go home. Have to be back before lunch or shortly after. All in the course of an ad agency workday...

P.S.  WP - I'm not-so-secretly wondering how the new Wilson Phillips album sounds. After like 12 years away from the limelight, my favorite vocal harmony group is back with what is touted as a homage to The Mamas and the Papas. Hmmm, let's see.


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