Saturday, June 19, 2004

Sabado mights

A working weekend, missed going to the gym this morning, catched up on lost sleep during the week.  Pissed over not getting that bargain Yonex shorts in the Mondragon sale. It's my 3rd time to go this afternoon and each time, I get to buy something, hehehe. Have to get my car tire vulcanized pa tom.  That means I may not be able to have Sun breakfast with my mom, which I miss na. Have a long way to go. It's gonna be a long day and night, possibly extending up to tom. Today's topic is about what I might be doing in lieu of working today: go to  the Fete de Musique in Eastwood tonight or play badminton, get the car fixed up, go to Gold's, watch Tornatore's "Legend of 1900", possibly go out with friends, or stay home and do the remaining clean-up. At least, it seems we're moving along now with the ideas.

Some music musings: in between searching for ideas in the net, came across articles about the king of pan-flute music, Gheorge Zamfir.  I consider myself blessed to have his "Harmony" CD way back when Music One Glorietta was still around.  In my quite tired and stressed state of mind, it would be comforting to hear this relaxing album, especially "Sleepy Shores" and "Elvira Madigan".  I don't know if anybody much knows him apart from my best buddy, Chito, who introduced this Romanian master back when chrome audio tapes were the rage (gives you an idea how long ago that was).  One of the CDs in my collection I will take anywhere I'd go.

Came across Ronstadt's "Round Midnight" write-ups as well. I consider myself lucky to have all three CD's that comprise the content of that collection of Ronstadt's and Nelson Riddle. I don't mean to diss Rod Stewart's reading of the Great American Songbook but his 2-volume set doesn't hold a candle to Ronstadt's and Riddle's collaboration. Thought it's admirable to keep introducing the "old" songs to the new generation so they'd know what they're missing. Not to sound "old" but most of today's music is simply crap. Dome recent laudable efforts: Mandy Moore's "Coverage" and the "50 First Dates" soundtrack.


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