Friday, June 25, 2004

Rainy day and Mondays always let me up

There's something about the rain that soothes me. Yeah, it can be irritating to get wet, get stranded, get late for work or appointments but when you get resigned to the facts, you'd realize the rain is one way God wants us to slow down, take stock of things that have been stranded in our own lives.

Being in the city, even a little rain can seem to be a big nuisance. But out there, out of town, the rain becomes a welcome blessing from the heavens. Dunno if I'm weird or something but I seem to hear the trees sing when it rains, especially after a long, hot day. When all that water washes away the dampness, the humid feeling that precedes a downpour.

The rains and the accompanying coolness make a bowl of even ordinary soup welcome. Or a mug of the most mundane instant coffee a hearty treat. When even a nap becomes a luxurious deep sleep. A good book beats cinema-wide entertainment.

Monday night, was stuck post-dinner, waiting for the rains to abate to cross to the condo. It was like 15-20 minutes of standing up, half-wet from the downpour. But you know what? I didn't mind it that much save for when the nicompoops who lit up cigarettes and spoiled the sweet, fresh air brought about by the rain. That I can never understand as much as why I ever smoked before and spoiled the air for somebody else (boy, was a chain smoker for like 5-6 years way, way back). I used to go out in the rain and really get drenched. I still do. I remember coach Allan saying the same thing one time at BCMI, and I can relate to it. It brings back a lot of my childhood memories when you don't mind getting wet, or looking like a fool drenched out there in the downpour. Oh, we can be more like children more often.

With apologies to the carpenters, I must say rainy days and Fridays always get me up instead of down.A m really looking forward to a bit more rest, a bit of rain, a lot of music, lots of coffee, more conversation with old friends.

P.S.  Had a glimpse of the divine with a trip to Powerbooks this lunchbreak; unharried for a change, just looking at so many books, with Norah Jones' "Come Away with Me" soothingly playing while the big windows show overcast conditions, the clouds threatening to burst again.  Ahh, bless our Creator for such small, welcome blessings!


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