Monday, June 28, 2004


Finally honored a long-standing commitment to my surrogate family way over in Alabang. Played with sina Benjie, Al, Mike & Ditas at Leap 'n Smash in ParaƱaque and had a super-sarap dinner treat ni Jie sa Rumpa near ruins. Didn't regret missing the BCMI tourney at all; after all, it looks like I gained not a few (ehem) admirers over there sa Sucat side, ehehehe. Timing rin kasi Benjie got promoted to district manager and will be relocating to Pampanga shortly. I'll miss my kid brother. He's one of my closest friends all these years and I've watched him grown, get married, and have a family. The nice thing about getting together with close friends is that even after a long time of being apart, parang di kayo nagkalayo when you finally meet. I know I get inquiring looks when I tell people i've got this surrogate family but I confess I consider myself lucky to have found one in lieu of my estranged biological family. They've helped me make sense of the dysfunctional relationship I have with my blood siblings.

Also played with Dino and the guys from Mccann friday night sa Powersmash. Funny thing is that we work for competitors Globe and Smart, but outside the office, we're friends. Now I'm really in a quandary because I keep hearing people say sayang naman that I don't take badminton seriously now. Even I myself am surprised i can still play rather well, considering I haven't really playing consistently for months na. I really don't know which path to take since some people naman are convincing me to pursue gaining mass and compete. Hmmm, Those are opposite ends of the spectrum. Tell you frankly, it's hard to decide.

Anyway, it's nearly 5am, we've been recalled to the office on a Sunday evening for a super-rush job.  I'm subsisting on mugfuls of barako coffee, missing the opportunity to savor a bit of rest and that DVD of "Secret Window" waiting inside the player. 

Some recent prized acquisitions: "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Misery". Also replaced my faulty "Malena" copy. Having viewed "Malena" again, I understand Groban's "You're Still You" even more.  The song, I think, is actually inspired by a recurring riff by Morricone used in the movieI can fully see what Renato felt for Malena, the feelings and emotions evolving from boyhood lust to sympathy and mercy. Tornatore's really a masterful storyteller, capturing that innocence and its loss so well, so grippingly, you can feel your own youth and see the loss of your own innocence. On the other hand, seeing bits of "Misery" again reminded me of how great Kathy Bates is. I've loved her in "Fried Green Tomatoes" and "Dolores Clairborne". She's one of those rare, natural actresses who are eloquent, and completely believable.


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