Monday, July 5, 2004

Wimby and other rackets

Sharapova winning the Wimbledon title is both great and bad news. Good because it will be good for the sports when a lot of players take turns in winning. And bad because it shows discrimination on the part of people to prefer fair skin over colored ones, even in this day and age. The Williams sisters have always been portrayed as "looking like men" and not given their due credit for the athleticism they give to the sport.

On the lighter side, am happy to be playing badminton again, even just on weekends. Hard to imagine but I'm actually making the trips to Alabang just to play with my surrogate family. I'm really lucky to have a surrogate family I can turn to. And no matter how long we've been apart before, when we get together, it's like we were never far away for long.

Had a nice chat with Steph this morning. The wonders of ym & technology! Thanks friend! I'm giving your ideas a lot of thought.

My good friend Jimi is also in town so I expect this to be a busy week or two ahead. Will likely discuss some overseas work prospects. Quite a lot of my friends have migrated or worked abroad. Maybe it's time for me as well to move on.


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