Monday, August 9, 2004

About Paulo Coelho, Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway

Was feeling a bit under the weather the past week and it's rare that I decide to rest for Friday night in lieu of either going on a gimik, working out or playing with the CentralCircle group. Sat turned into a have-the-car-repair all-morning and almost all-afternoon as the 3-year old battery finally gave its near-final gasps. Good thing my mechanic was around, and the heck, had small and big stuff repaired including the busted signal lamps, the broken flood lamp cover, etc., etc., etc. Sun was brunch with mom and finally, had the tires replaced & mags in place.

Good thing I pulled out of the Leap 'n Smash tourney as we had a Cotton USA event at the Megamall Sunday. It was a blast and the food at Pho hoa was a tasty consolation to time lost (should've gone playing on s Sunday afternoon).

BY THE RIVER PIEDRA I SAT DOWN AND WEPT - Coehlo never fails to elicit a response with his every book. This one's beautifully written, right from the very beginning. But aside from the elegant writing, Coehlo plumbs the depths of human frailty and emotions, one finish the book enlightened, refreshed, reminded of how one's humanity is connected to what is divine and heavenly. Am looking forward to my next Coehlo book, "Veronika Decides to Die."

TAKING LIVES - Angelina Jolie lends a sexy, seductive presence to this serial-killer movie. Interesting although midway through the movie, was able to figure out Ethan Hawke's character. Dunno if I really have a sharp nose for sifting movie plots but oftentimes, I lose interest once I have the storyline down pat. Kinda violent movie but also dunno why I get drawn to movies and plots like these, much in the same way I really made it a point to watch Ally Walker's "Profiler" series many years back.

ELLA THE ENCHANTED - feel-good movie with my absolute crush, (hehehe) Anne Hathaway starring.  It feels like Shrek in live action mode though, especially with the musical production numbers. But again, it's one of those fairy tale movies with the sole objective of entertainment, pure and simple.


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