Thursday, August 12, 2004

Jack Ryan and other matters

Whew!  It's been a busy 3 days in-a-row. Call it a busy whole week, since we were working Sun afternoon for the Cotton USA band competition event at Megamall.

I FANCY CLANCY - Video editing time last Tue gave me time enough to finish Clancy's "Teeth of the Tiger." It's fairly standard Clancy save for the fact that it's Jack Ryan, Jr.'s turn to crank up the action along with his Caruso cousins, a marine and an FBI agent-turned spies. I kinda miss the romanticisim of the old Jack Ryan, Sr. character though but I guess everybody, including popular novel protagonists, have to grow up and move on. It's not a bad effort though I find the old Ryan novels more cliff-hanging thrillers, with more textured characters. Would want to move on to his newer novel, "Battle Ready" but will get a copy when the paperback finally gets here (the hardbound version is way too expensive at 1300 bucks!).

It's on to Coehlo's "Veronica Decides to Die" with David Baldacci's "The Christmas Train" waiting in the wings.

After an overtime Wednesday evening and a wonderful session at Adfarm (thanks Gerry & Lindy!), it's back to regular work today. Squeezing in a morning light cycle workout before going to work along with the wonderful pesto and whey-mango-banana shake at Venice Beach and I'm fueled for work. Thank God for big and small graces!


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