Thursday, August 26, 2004

Missing badminton, watching Elf

My recent ankle injury's making me miss badminton. Heck, it's just been like a week but already missed the action last weekend. am looking forward to practicing for the 4A's tourney in October, not really expecting medals but to have fun. I hope I'll never go back to being all so serious about taking the game that seriously (unlike a former badminton buddy who seems to be in dire need of a headsize check, tsk, tsk). Enuf of that. Klasmeyt Boyet, while totally aware of my predicament, keeps sending me the CentralCircle sked for the day which keeps me really, really looking forward to playing again.

ELF - Starring Will Ferrell is quite standard fare but entertaining nevertheless. curious thing about DVD's is how nice and well-conceptualized the opening menus are. elf's menu is a Christmas pop-up, nice touch, really.

GAIMAN, EPISODE 3 - Am midway through "Neverwhere," my 3rd Gaiman novel in 2 weeks. Fascinating and interesting read. Wonderfully inventive as a Gaiman novel is. My only complaint is that I'm speeding through my books, I'm running out of moolah to buy books with, hehehe.A m not so secretly wondering what my next read will be.


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