Wednesday, August 25, 2004

More on Saturday's Bbq

Forgot to write at length about Sat's Bbq at D2's place.  Can' t figure out how the lean girls (hehehe) quartet of D2, Trixie, Bambi and Rachel can consume a big bag of Lapid chicharon without mishap. That was before B2 and I came into the picture, imagine that. And we had another big bag later and small bag of the variant with all that glorious fat. It took a lot of red wine to wash that away. The Franzia Red is fruity welcome.S o with the vanilla cake Mariejo and Boy brought to the table. Thanks B2 for pulling me out of my misery over a swollen ankle to have a snack-cum-dinner-cum-midnight snack-cum-redwine party on a rainy Saturday. Sayang pareng Vince, you missed it. Maybe at a later date. Thanks also to D2 & Q2 for gladly opening their home to us. Came home stuffed with food, wine & kwentos.


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