Thursday, August 19, 2004

Ooh what a relief it is

Many graces to thank for today. Opened my email and found out, to my relief, that I passed my American Council on Exercise Lifestyle and Weight Management certification exam. Whew! It gave me some sleepless nights since it's been like 3 months ago when I took it and the trainers I know have already received their results in the snail mail. Thank You Lord! It could be a sign for me to try other things. Just now, I got a congrats from brother Mike s., one of my peers from Gold's. Hehehe, looks like I would have to treat a lot of people again!

Other highlights -- my badminton idol Taufik Hidayat makes the singles final in the Olympics. Cuba wins over China in Olympic women's volleyball. And finished Neil Gaiman's "Stardust" in 1 1/2 day - a wonderful, magical ride! aAm moving on to his "American gods," well, after I get some sleep, hehehe. My narcoleptic mind is well, telling me to go grab some sleep, but nevertheless, I thank You Lord from the bottom of my soul. I had my down days and this is a most welcome respite!


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