Friday, August 20, 2004

Of honest cabbies and miracles

A few days back, the news flashed banners of a Filipino cabbie in New York who returned $78,000 worth of pearls left in his cab. He said he, of course, could have put the money to good use, having like 3 months of overdue rent plus hospital bills to pay since if I remember it right, either his child or he himself was sick. But nonetheless, he returned the valuables because he says, "it's the right thing to do."

2 weekends ago, I myself left my Nokia 6600 cellphone inside a cab on the way back home from buying car spare parts in Pasay. At first, I was resigned to my fate and never really expected I would be able to get it back. Kahit papaano, my old celfone still has resale value. and I have a new 6230 anyway but then again, sayang yun. I called the unit and the driver answered it. As promised, he returned it.  I was only too glad to give him a bit of extra money to help augment his income for that day.  Imagine that!

I guess the moral lesson of these is that miracles still happen if we keep our eyes open to them. Yeah, there would always be speed freaks, uncouth, dishonest cabbies but there would always be honest ones. I should humbly tell myself not to generalize. and to keep my eyes peeled for miracles, both small and big. But especially the small ones, for we tend to take them for granted.


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