Monday, August 23, 2004

Bbq and D2, Taufik, North by northwest

Slipped at the badminton court last Sat. My right foot got swollen in a hurry which made me rush to Makati Med where X-rays and the cheerful attending doctor said it wasn't a fracture but swelling of the soft tissues (whew!) had to miss driving to my mom's yesterday and attending the baptism of the child of my mechanic. Tsk, tsk, maybe God has other plans. Weren't it for B2's insistence, would've missed the Bbq dinner at D2's sat night. 'twas fun and am too glad to make it even with a hurting foot.

Am just glad didn't get anything broken, though the doctor at Makati Med told me to rest my foot for the next two weeks. Hmm, I miss badminton na nga eh. Anyway, my badminton idol, Taufik, got the gold in Athens. Sabi na nga ba! He was spectacular, flying all across the court, defending brilliantly, deftly dropping the shuttle or punishing it with hard down-the-line smashes and putting his Korean challenger on the defensive all throughout the two set match. My favorite Cuban women's volleyball team weren't as lucky, dropping their match against the U.S.A. in straight sets. anyway, that's life, and that's sports.

MORE HITCHCOCK - Staying home most of sun save for attending Mass gave me time enough to watch another Hitchcock thriller, "North by Northwest," starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie-Saint. A very young and sinister-looking Martin Landau played the villain here. Grant was his usual suave self.  Now I know what David Baldacci was describing as an erotic train scene in his novel "The Christmas Train".  Very, very smooth thriller with interesting twists here and there (though again, I guessed most of the parts anyway).


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