Saturday, September 11, 2004

The S word

Yeah, am back working in the office after a short bout at the gym where I heard the "S" word again. It may not be shit but it's as shitty, it's steroids. I can never really understand why people always mistake me for a 'roid user. I mean, I've been working out for half of my life and people think my body is just juiced up. Don't mean to be a all-worked up about it but I'm not using the most weight in the gym as some guys there do, save for a few exercises where my strength is quite prodigous.

It's just kinda irritating because if I were indeed steroiding, I'd probably easily cause a shortage of plates in gold's. Yup, the thought of "how much bigger could I be?" cross my mind a few times in the past but I'm not about to succumb to the temptation of messing up my body's chemistry. I still want to, God willing, grow older with my health intact. I'm not exactly big but I'm not small either.  And my muscle shape is tad better than the average. I've come this far without chemical help and not much supplementation and I intend to keep it that way.

This dilemma also puts me in a quandary because I figure, I can still grow heavier and bigger if I want to. But it may mess up my chances of doing good in badminton which I also love. I am grateful I have genetic gifts of strength, size and coordination. But this puts me again at a crossroads -- bodybuilding or badminton?  It's quite a happy problem, but it's one I have to address soon. I will have to reconfigure my training and it couldn't be for both as the two have poles-apart approaches.

I acknowledge that one of the reasons why I injured my ankle a month ago was my increasing weight and my need to regain my dynamic balance. I need to go back to the basics in preparation for the upcoming tourneys, like the inter-gym tourneys (if I make it to Gold's team) and the 4As tournament. Lots of shadow play, footwork, forward-back/side-to-side drills, plus rope work to rebuild my stamina and make my healing ankle's tendons & ligaments strong. That and box jumping, explosive jumps. Oh boy, that's quite a lot of figuring out. But I know I can do it, and it can be so much fun.


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