Monday, September 13, 2004

Boxed in red

Music break muna sat night at Red Box with the CC stalwarts, D2, C3 & B2. Sang a gamut of songs from different genres -- Carpenters, disco, ballads, Supremes (complete with impromptu choreography, hehehe). Never a dull moment really as we practically knew the same songs. Would be fun to have themes for the next sessions (shades of American Idol). It's fun to discover you have a lot in common with friends especially when it comes to music. 

CHATM8 - Interesting chat with D2 lunch break. Hmmm, makes me eager for December when I will really consider getting an iPod.

BUMMER - My Samsung TV conked out last night. Not even 3 years old, it blinked in the middle of "The Day After Tomorrow," trapped in an ice age of its own. Tsk, tsk, have to miss out on the MIB tourney on Sat to have it checked/repaired along with the car. Gastosssss! Buti na lang, it's kalakal season na naman (hehehe). Am really thankful for big and small blessings like these. Sana nga, magtuloy-tuloy na.

REDEMPTION - Getting 2 practice reservations @ BCMI this week. Considering how hard it is to book a court especially on weeknights, this makes up for the breakdown of my Samsung TV.


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