Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Think greens

Great new find at KFC - the Asian Chicken Salad. Been eating this for the past 3 days with no sign of umay. Thanks Jerome for this wonderful discovery. Glad that KFC's wisening up and serving more healthful choices. The greens are so far, crisp and fresh. the sauce is just right, tangy-sweet.A nd another wonderful thing is knowing that at least two KFC restos near where I live are open 24 hours (save for Sundays). The call centers are really making these 24-hour convenience stores busy. Last night, the KFC branch in the new Caltex station along Buendia-Pasong Tamo was my saving grace after playing badminton/training my officemates at BCMI. At least, I would have somewhere decent to eat dinner at even beyond 12 midnight.

KFC lunch (asian chicken again, what else). Another busy day. Body & mind's a bit weary. Have to get used again to the stress of badminton I guess. Even my grip is failing but it's a nice kind of tiredness.


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